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Our Senior Consultant, Mr. Dumas Martin, Jr., and co- founder Mrs. Eleanora O. Murph (not pictured),  have over 30 years of business experience as  business consultants, inventors and mentors (See Posturest.com). Many of our successful clients, like Richard Markham (Securest Mattresses),  offer their professional advice to our new members.  IDEAS INSTITUTE, INC. was developed to teach people how to take their ideas to market successfully. Over 30 years of successful inventing by the Director, Dumas Martin Jr., has prepared him thoroughly for this task. Serious visionaries, with a clear plan in mind, need only apply.  This is hard, expensive work and cannot even began without a budget to pay for patents, copyrights, trademarks, prototypes and professional consulting services. THEIDEACLUB.com offered it's services for 22 years prior to incorporating in January 2016. 

Our history

Launched in July of 1993 as The Idea Club,  it was originally designed to be a small friends-only support group. However, we were so successful that National Television came calling in 1998 and we were featured in a Made-for-T. V. Special on African-American Inventors. Several Nationally known people connected with us  as a result.  Now, under our non-profit organization, IDEAS INSTITUTE, we continue to help change lives for the better everyday!  

Our mission (See Video)

We exist to provide the under-served with a purpose an opportunity to fulfill that purpose through setting up their own professional corporations, non-profit or for profit. We also assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property, i.e., copyright, trademark and patent. This is the only way to achieve economic parity in our lifetimes. We're determined to build stronger communities, while creating new young California Millionaires!   


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Creating new ideas and taking them to market is the dream of millions of people. However, the 'what, why and how' can leave even seasoned professionals baffled. Our goal is to help you to remove the questions and to provide viable answers that will assist you in achieving your dreams!


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