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The 'fruits' of your mind (ideas) are the greatest assets you'll ever own!

How to create winners!


How to Create Winners 

  •  The Top Three Questions for New Inventors to Answer:  
  • 1. What to invent?  2. Why to invent it?  3. How to invent it?  
  • Answers:  Get started with these 10 quick steps:  1. Sketch and describe your idea. 2. Put your copyright notice on the material; i.e., (Copyright 2018 Your Name All Rights Reserved) 3. Create a sample (prototype) that works. 4. File copyrights (www.copyright.gov) 5. File a provisional patent (www.USPTO.gov) 6. See a patent attorney about design / utility patent. 7. Set up a corporation/company. 8. Raise working capital to mass produce. 9. Set up warehousing and distribution system. 10. Set up sales and distribution strategy.  Your individual drive and commitment will bring you to entrepreneurial success!   
  • Rule #1, Originality - create something unique, clever and useful. 
  • Rule #2, Test your creation - make sure it works every time. 
  • Rule #3, Protection - get copyrights, trademarks and patents. 
  • Rule #4, Capitalization by incorporating. 
  • Rule #5, Promotion - promote your product: internet, radio, television, billboard, bus ads, word-of-mouth, etc. 
  • Rule #6 Sell, sell, sell. for profit corporations charity 501c3

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