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Billions of shares of preferred stock help to create new millionaires and billionaires everyday.  Learn how you can create  WEALTH versus being a dissatisfied CONSUMER.  Participate in your financial future from the front end, no longer from the back end. Invest in your future! Set-up your billion share corporation! Create Your own  Shark Tank-Like  Success Story!

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About Us

Our history

Launched in July of 1993 as The Idea Club,  it was originally designed to be a small friends-only support group. However, we were so successful that National Television came calling in 1998 and we were featured in a Made-for-T. V. Special on African-American Inventors (AFRICAN- AMERICAN INVENTORS  MAKING IT HAPPEN: MASTERS OF INVENTION ) hosted by Actor Glen Turman. Several Nationally known professionals connected with us  as a result.  


"Aloha Dumas Martin, from that day in the late 1990s when you asked me to give a presentation on One of my IDEAS. Thanks for your motivation and encouragement Dumas." Mahalo, Harrison A. McCoy, Bio-Engineer (great, great grandson of Internationally Acclaimed Inventor Elijah McCoy - Inventor of the original automotive lubricating system*)

Patent US20030126790 - Biodiesel blended with ethanol additive

The invention provides a blend of biodiesel with an alcohol-based fuel such as ethanol as an additive. The blend improves the biodiesel's cetane number, improves its cleaning ability, and helps provide antigel protection at low temperatures. 

*Elijah McCoy invented an automatic lubricator for oiling the steam engines of locomotives and ships, patenting it in 1872 as "Improvement in Lubricators for Steam-Engines" (U.S. Patent 129,843). 

After five years of nominations by the International Black Inventions Museum- along with others- the National Inventors Hall of Fame has inducted Elijah McCoy for the Automatic Lubricator for Machinery. 

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POMONA, CA. 91766-1711
Ph. 1(909)620-4772
Email: ideasinstituteinc@gmail.com

'Creating New Millionaires, One Moor at a Time!'


Our Mission

The Keys To Creating Success!

  The 'fruits' of your mind (ideas) are the greatest material assets that you'll ever own. (You'll rarely get rich on a job.) By protecting these 'fruits' through Intellectual Property Laws, i.e., copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc., you'll be able to feed your family for generations. If you're willing to invest in your future, we can help you to free yourself entrepreneurially.

IDEAS INSTITUTE, INC. was developed to teach people how to take their ideas to market successfully. Over 30 years of successful inventing by the Director, Dumas Martin Jr., has prepared him thoroughly for this task. Serious visionaries, with a clear plan in mind, need only apply. This is hard, expensive work and cannot even began without a budget to pay for patents, copyrights, trademarks, prototypes and professional consulting services.  Becoming financially independent in an impossible appearing environment requires F.O.C.U.S. ( Faith, Opportunity, Creativity, Unity, Skills). We've created this institute to teach entrepreneurs how to protect their intellectual property and set up their own corporations. 

Your corporation will have ONE BILLION SHARES OF PREFERRED STOCK. 

Our Promise to You: Invest a Tax- Deductible $500 in your future and we'll help you build an amazing 'Stairway to Success'! 

Remember, YOU have to climb it!

What is a 501c3 non-profit corporation? Being "501(c)(3)" means that a particular nonprofit organization has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, charitable organization.  (http://www.nonprofitez.org)

Idea Development Consulting

Is your business a for profit or non-profit? We set up non-profits to do good works through the use of fundraisers, grants and donations. Through for profits, we raise money by selling shares and selling products and services. We set up California corporations with 1 Billion shares of preferred stock. You can create wealth while sharing your success with others.

           'Giving is Living!'

Dumas' Invention - PostuREST

PostuREST or MyLegRest.com was designed for sciatic relief, swollen legs, ankle and foot elevation by Dumas Martin, Jr. Doctors, physical therapists and hospitals around America have used this product in clinics and in homes. 

Personal Consultation

Get a professional consultation by one of our trained Instructors to guide you through the program called 'The 12 Steps of Entrepreneurial Inventing!' ($150 per 1 hour session)

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New! 3 C's Program (Corporation, Copyright, Consultation)


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New! 3 C's Program (Corporation, Copyright, Consultation)

 We establish your for profit California corporation with a minimum of one billion shares of preferred stock. You'll work towards creating a minimum of $.10 confirmed value per share (equals $100 million valuation) when confirmed by a C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant). As an inventor / entrepreneur with over 30 years of successfully designing and selling medical devices (www.mylegrest.com),  we GUARANTEE that your investment and commitment  to your goals will be rewarded with an amazing opportunity for success! 

Important Notice!

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New Scholarship Program!

Our Scholarship Program is designed to give new entrepreneurs a chance to succeed in business and in life. If an entrepreneur has a viable concept, yet limited capital, we will determine if they qualify for our Scholarship Program. All interested parties should email us at: ideasez@gmail.com with basic contact information only. We'll be in contact within 72 hours or less. (We are a 501c3 Certified Non-Profit Corporation. Donations are appreciated.)

Contact Us

Online 24-Hour Service

Creating new ideas and taking them to market is the dream of millions of people. The 'what, why and how' leaves even seasoned professionals baffled. Our goal is to help you to remove the questions and to provide viable answers that assist you in achieving your dreams! IDEAS INSTITUTE provides tools for success. Your resources and  personal drive will determine your chances for success.

Three necessary elements:

1. Unique protected idea

2. Specific Marketing plan

3. Sufficient capital to execute


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Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm - Online or By phone  

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Billionaire PDF Files

Using these PDF Files as we suggest will increase your opportunity for a phenomenal financial success! 

Three necessary elements:

1. Unique protected idea

2. Specific Marketing plan

3. Sufficient capital to execute

  Millions to Billions               

   I’ve never hear of a billionaire who wasn’t a millionaire first!
                             Let’s figure out the millionaire strategy first!


  1. Set up a for profit corporation with a billion shares of preferred stock (IDEAS INSTITUTE)
  2. Add value to shares through proprietary services and products (Copyright, Trademark, Patent)
  3. Sell shares, products and services to interested parties ( C.P.A. / Attorney)
  4. A 1 cent per share true valuation of 1 billion shares = $10 million (C.P.A.)
  5. A 10 cents per share true valuation of 1 billion shares = $100 million (C.P.A.)
  6. A $1.00 per share true valuation of 1 billion shares = $1 billion (C.P.A.)

3500aCalifornia ExemptForm (pdf)


501c3.ClubWB (1) (pdf)


501c3NP (pdf)






1000000 From A 500 Investment (pdf)


ConfidentialityForm (pdf)


B.I.M. (pdf)


Master Billion Share Wealth Strategy2 (pdf)


“The 7 Sales Skills That Can’t Be Taught”_ (pdf)


BEASTAR (1) (pdf)


Think E.I. (pdf)


Earn 5000 in 100 Days (1) (pdf)


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Paypal Loan Opportunities

Go to this link: https://www.paypal.com/workingcapital/

to apply for a Paypal Working Capital loan!

Three necessary elements:

1. Unique protected idea

2. Specific Marketing plan

3. Sufficient capital to execute



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